Braids, curls and the magic of having long locks

About two years ago, when I had a brief moment of insanity and allowed a hair stylist to cut my hair to shoulder length (ok, maybe not so much allowed as…well, long story and I’ve written about it here) all I wanted was to grow my hair long enough so I can have a) curls b)braids.

Since braids are the new ‘it hair style’ this season, I’m more into that one at the moment, but that didn’t stop me from buying a curling iron and extra-extra-extra hold hair spray. I can finally say that my hair is long enough to have my way with it.

Jenn Proske (my inspiration for April, although I haven’t seen her in any movie) and her long, beautiful hair.





















And curls. Lots of curls! Ahem, to be exact, loose curls. After years of trying to curl my hair with the flat iron (after watching hours of YouTube tutorials) and failing miserably, the curling iron is just what I need.




























Not really sure if I should spread the word, but I love and I know pretty much everyone does. I was thinking of keeping this as my little not so dark secret, but I honestly have never been one to keep my mouth shut over something.

So, when I discovered a shop with great Asos dresses in Bucharest, I had to share. It’s located around Cismigiu Park and the last time I’ve been there, the saleswoman, seeing how torn I was, not really knowing which dress to choose, said I should just move across the street from the store. Well, as if, but still. I’ve selected a few dresses I’ve seen in the store. Pics below. Enjoy and spread the word!

This I actually have, and I’m very proud of it too 🙂 It’s absolutely amazing, the lace is a very nice touch! Can’t wait to wear it.

All these came in UK sizes 8-14 (mostly 12 and 14). Me being and 8 or 10, I had to dig a bit to find the right stuff. However, I did get the blue skirt from earlier in size 12 and I’m gonna get it fixed up a bit and I tried on the pink dress below (the dark blue version) size 10 and it just didn’t zip up. Humph!














































































…and there are a few more models I couldn’t find on their website. So…just check it out 🙂


I always love it when I find amazing little pieces in the weirdest places. So yesterday, while out for some tax-related errands, I checked up a small shop nearby. Turns out, about half the dresses there are from Asos and the prices are more than amazing.

I got a blue, long, chiffon dress, the most amazing dress I ever set my eyes upon. It’s identical with the one in the pic. O also bought a sweet, polka dotted long skirt and a pinkish short dress. Yeah, I bought five new things in four days, so sue me 😀




Running into an ex

April was flipping through a book, reading a few lines here and there. She kept turning the book, looking at the price written on the back, biting her lower lip. She couldn’t make up her mind at all. She did some mental math, calculating her finances, than put the book down, deciding it was too expensive. A hand that came from somewhere in the back picked up the book again and read the title.

“Pascal Bruckner – The Paradox of Love?!”

She turned around and felt her heart pounding in her chest. There he was, eyebrows raised, questioning her about her choice of literature, looking more ravishing than ever, in jeans, a white shirt with a blue tie and a dark blue blazer with the sleeves pulled up by his elbows.

“It‟s an internationally acclaimed book. And it‟s too expensive for me. But what are you doing at a book fair? Are you lost?” she smirked, batting her eyelashes.

“Ha, ha, funny. No, I‟m looking for something on TV journalism; I slept through that course in college and I can‟t seem to find any literature I might have from then. And this book‟s like…22,99. What did you do, spent all your money on shoes?”

“No”, April frowned and crossed her arms. “I just have some extra spendings this month. I‟ll get it in December, everything‟s cheaper at Christmas. Or I‟ll find some Black Friday deal, whatever.”

“Maybe it‟ll be gone until then…”

“I think I‟ll take my chances.”

But while April was trying to emphasize that she has time to get it, he had already taken out his wallet and was buying her the book.

“Wait, what are you doing?” she tried to stop him.

“Why take chances when you can have it when you want it?” Were they still talking about the book? He handed her the book smiling, but she didn‟t take it right away. “Take it, really. It‟s the least I can do. You don‟t have anything from me, I didn‟t even get you a birthday present…”

“We weren‟t really…best buddies on my birthday”, she noted.

“Well, yeah”, he went on, “but you bought me a present for my birthday and we‟d only been dating for two weeks or so…so…I have to get you something…Think of it as a belated birthday gift….six months later…” he grinned.

She was still just looking at him, trying to understand whether he was acting upon a hidden agenda or something, but she couldn‟t sense anything there.

“Fine, don‟t take it”, he said as he started pretending to be reading the summary on the back. “This should be a nice bed time reading…”

April snapped and took it from his hand with a sudden move. “I didn‟t say I don‟t want it! Thank you, it‟s very nice what you just did and I appreciate it.”

“See? Now that‟s much better!” he laughed.

The tension between them was starting to feel a bit too much to handle. April was the first to talk, breaking their nervous laughs.

“So….I‟m going to….” April pointed towards the exit.

“Yeah, I should, too”.

“Ok, well…thanks for the book.”


“And….see you around…” He turned around to leave, but she closed her eyes, bit her lip and tried to stop him. This was insane; no one said they couldn‟t be friends…

“Would you like to…do you have to be somewhere?”

“I have to be at work in a couple of hours…”

“You‟re working on Saturdays now?”

“Yeah, um…no, a colleague needed a shift change….and I kinda got bored of playing basketball every Saturday…”

She smiled and nodded. He changed his habits. That was something she didn‟t expect. Maybe what-s-her-name…Amanda, had something to do with it?

“I was thinking…I wanted to get something to eat and…maybe I could buy you lunch…as a thank you..for…for the book…”

He looked at her for a few seconds, trying to decide whether accepting her invitation was a good idea or not. He thought to himself that saying „yes‟ would probably be one of the worst ideas he‟s ever had.

“Fine. But I‟m paying”.

Misguided April



“Do you have something for lunch with you or are we going across the street?”
“Yeah, I wanted to make something. But then I had to make launch for Barry, feed Alan, change the pants Alan threw mashed bananas on and then drive him to the babysitter’s”, Claire replied drily.
“A simple no would’ve done the trick”, said April, as both women were making their way to the diner around the corner.
“So how’s the job search going?”
“I really don’t want to talk about it. It’s been like…two years…three actually, and nothing. I don’t get it. I’m just…either really stupid or really unlucky”.
Claire looked at her frowning. “You’re not stupid and you have a job. And aren’t you a bit too old for this teenage drama? Just enjoy what you have now.”
“Maybe I should just go back to school, choose a different major. This whole English thing has really not done anything for me”, April went on.
“Yeah, do that! Maybe you can start an illicit affair with a 19 years old guy!”
“Yes, because 19 years old guys are dying to get to know a 8 years older woman, who only talks about how much she hates her job.”
“Have you tried getting into teaching?” Claire suggested, clearly supportive of her friend.
“Teaching would be as same as journalism for me. Not something I’d want to do long term. Man. I feel just like one of those high school kids who say their job as McDonald’s is only for the summer, then bam, twenty years later, they’re still cleaning up on aisle 5.”
“I have no idea what you meant by that”, Claire chuckled.
“When I took this job, I said to myself that it’s only going to be temporary, I don’t want to be a journalist, I’m only staying until I find something else. I just want to work at a publishing house…working with writers, editing and making notes on stories no one has read before.”
“Well, if you want to work with books, I’m sure you can always find a job at a nice library”, Claire laughed.
“And be forever known as Miss Reid, the weird old lady with the books? No thanks.”
“Oh come on. You’ll probably be weird Mrs. Something”, the petit blonde mocked.
“Really? Because the way things seem to be working, the Miss thing is the only certainty about my future.”
“What’s up with you today? Why are you so negative about everything?”
“I’m not”, April sighted. “It’s just a possibility I have to consider. I hardly ever meet anyone…”
…”you meet a lot of people, you just find faults in everyone!”
…”I haven’t had a serious relationship in like…five years”, April went on, without caring about her friend’s intervention.
“Oh, really? So what was up with Adrian and Sam and…the guy from the…”
“I said ‘serious’, Claire, not a four week fling.”
April, and her moody ways, either considered herself incredibly beautiful, either downright should-never-leave-the-house-ugly. She had a very warm beauty, with dark hazel eyes and brown, long hair. She wasn’t stunning, nor plain. Simply attractive and very feminine.
“You’ve been dating Gary for…what? Two months now?”
“About…five weeks, but he doesn’t seem very impressed. I’m just waiting on him to leave me, like the ones before”.
“Keep thinking like that, that’s a winner. You know, the father figure is very important to a girl growing up. It’s how she’ll relate to men her whole life”.
“Oh, no, don’t put on the psychologist mask”. April rolled her eyes.
Claire chuckled. “Even if I wanted to understand you, I don’t think I would. You’ve got these bouts of happiness, then the whole thing goes to hell and you’re digging your own pit hole”.
“Yeah, there are meds for that, right?”
“You’re borderline bipolar, you know that?”
“Are we actually making fun of mental disorders? We’ve already established that I’m emotionally unbalanced and insane, but are you allowed to laugh at these things?”
“I’m a psychologist, not a psychiatrist. I deal with people like you and let the loony cases for doctors. And you know – I sometimes envy you. You are like I was five years ago.”
“A moron?” April offered.
“That too. But I was more hinting towards the ‘you can do anything, anytime’ part. You should enjoy this.”
“I keep hearing that, but I think I’m at a point where I want something else. And you can do anything, anytime, too. If you really wanted to.”
“I wanted to go out with you guys last night, but I couldn’t find a babysitter and Barry was working late.”
“Point taken. You didn’t miss much.”
“What? You mean drinks after work with my co-workers aren’t legendary? Right now, I’d just settle on some juicy news department gossip.”
“I’m guessing human resources aren’t as much fun as us, right?” April asked ironically.
“Fine, don’t tell me anything.”
“I’ve got nothing to tell you, we just went out a bit, a lame attempt to unwind. I was late and couldn’t stay long. Nobody said anything worth mentioning. Plus, I was busy staring at a cute guy”.
“Oh no.”
“I only took a few looks”, April said sheepishly. “There’s nothing wrong with that. What?”
“I just know you so well and I know how far you imagination has already gone.”
“He was really, really, REALLY good looking. Like…blue eyes, gorgeous smile good-looking.”
“Fine. I’ll take the bait. Did you talk to him?”
“No, staring worked much better for me. I could just…take him home and put him in a glass box so I could just…look at him. Naked.” April grinned, blushing a bit.
“You do realize you’re the shallowest person I’ve ever met, right? You know, that’s why all your relationships fail, you choose men based on their looks.”
“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to wake up to a great face in the morning.”


Revolution II

ImagineTime stopped, but their world didn’t. They can’t just pack up, ignore all the other dying kids that can be saved with just a vaccine for Polio. They can’t just go home, to their cozy apartments, warm wives and elite cooking, while others are starving. They can’t go home and wait, they’ll just finish the program – three more weeks to go – and if the end of the world hasn’t come until then, they’ll return home as scheduled.


Joanna poured herself another glass of red wine and sat on the couch, tucking behind her ear some bangs of her hair that escaped her ponytail. The only light in the room came from the computer, which was now entering energy saver mode. On the screen, the e-mail she gotten from her husband, who was a part of the Medicines sans Frontiers, working in Sudan for two months a year, made her lose her balance. She was afraid. She loved life, she loved everything about it; her husband was one of the guardians of life, his job was to postpone death for as long as possible. She was afraid and she was alone. As the computer screen faded to black, Joanna covered her mouth with her hand and sobbed silently.


I’m feeling creative AND I have to deal with writer’s block. Talk about dichotomies… As I’ve learned that there aren’t two identical stories even if the plot is the plot is the same (given that whole subjectivity thing), I decided to share what I’m working on.


Joanna lay on her bed, one hand beneath her head, the other resting on a book set aside on her right. Her fingers caressed the hardcover, the engraved picture that was supposed to represent the title character. Her eyes fixed on the ceiling; she had no thoughts for a few moments, something she could never do voluntarily. She glanced back at her alarm clock. Two more minutes before it would go off, telling her she has to start her day. Tuesday. She didn’t like Tuesdays, too far off from the weekend, but with all the Monday rush gone. 

Forty-two minutes later, she finished with her make-up, rearranged her jacket, then went out the door, closing her eyes and imagining the moment in which she’ll be back, leaving the day behind. Maybe if she’d wish hard enough, time would just fly by, stopping only when she’s enjoying herself.


The crowded streets, the crowded metro, the city coming alive. She loved mornings, early spring mornings when the air was still fresh and people were rushing to start their lives again. Moms with children, telling them about the world, elderly people probably rushing to doctors’ appointments, people were headphones, others reading, nervous conversations on the phone, laughs, teenage gossip, a dog barking, business men, artists, lost souls, liars, cheaters, happy people, a homeless man, a perfect little girl with golden hair smiling sheepishly at Joanna, holding on to her mother’s hand for dear life. Everyday faces; completely oblivious.

She pushed the button, patiently waiting for the elevator in the lobby of the building she was working in, trapped in her own thoughts, not noticing the passionate conversation two women on her right were engaged in. Too many ‘Oh, my God’s, too many questions, she could swear she heard ‘conspiracy theory’, too, so she shut herself off.

On her floor, her co-workers divided in groups; some, by the window, were curiously looking up the sky, like there was something there they’ve never seen. Others, gathered around one who was looking up something on the Internet, then reading the findings of a search. Some laughing, others panicked, very few actually working.

Pouring herself a cup of coffee, she approached one of the groups, trying to distinguish what they were so frantically searching for.

“You didn’t hear?!”, Beth, one of her co-workers, asked Joanna a little too enthusiastic. “The Earth stopped moving last night!”

Joanna took a sip of coffee, batted her eyelashes, smiling wryly. She was still waiting for the punchline.

“Seriously. Like…it just stopped. Maybe this is the Apocalypse everyone was talking about”, Beth raised her shoulders, amused, not really believing so herself.

“I’m sure the Earth didn’t just stop moving…”, Joanna smiled ironically. “It was dark when I got up this morning, now it’s broad daylight. If the Earth was to stop…rotating…”

“You didn’t hear the news, anything? It’s everywhere, CNBC brought over some scientists from NASA, no one can explain it. The thing is, it really stopped moving around the Sun. Apparently, it still rotates around its own orbit, which still gives us the whole day-night thing! The revolution around the Sun is just…gone!”

Joanna put down her coffee, not fully understanding the implications. She moved closer to a window, trying to see something in the sky, but everything was just like yesterday. She tried to see if she was feeling something odd, but she wasn’t. Her body was behaving the very same way. She looked up again, touched the window, the coolness of the glass calming the emotions building up inside of her.

“So no revolution means…”

“No more years! I think time just stopped!” Beth let out, with a mix of fear and enthusiasm.”

Things you can tell just by looking at her

Not the movie, although highly recommended.

What makes a woman truly a woman? Simone de Beauvoir, Jean Paul Sartre’s longtime lover, claimed that one isn’t born a woman, one becomes one. So in these misty, hallucinating days, what makes a woman so feminine? For decades, we’ve been able to wear pants, cut our hair short, have more than one sexual partner and the society would be able to be perfectly OK with all and more. We go to work while our husbands raise the kids, we hold jobs normally designed for men. We smoke and drink bourbon.

What we can do is give them power, making them feel like the protector, the enabler, the one. Wear a dress and show our soft side, the side that needs to look up to someone, to feel proud of someone, to tell other all about their accomplishments. All wearing just the perfect dress.



“When in doubt, wear red” – Bill Blass

Lately, it seems my wardrobe is starting to be redish. A bit too redish, as I’ve gotten a total of three dresses, a pair of pants, a winter jacket and various blouses in red. I by no means regret my decision, as it seems that red is totally flattering me.

Unless you go with the epic fail of having more than one – or two – red pieces on, red’s pretty much flattering everyone. Imagine Just a week ago I bought my recent red piece (pic above, gotten from the H&M website)- a dress from H&M, from sales – two sizes bigger, but with a very great belty thing that allows me not to look like I’m wearing maternity clothes.

I just love it. And I love the feeling I get when wearing it. Now I’m off shopping for a long, casual dress. I’ve spotted some sales, yet again.

Artsy Chic

Yeah, I never want to grow up. Like…I want to have the college life indefinitely. I want it to be OK to have a mind filled with dreams, to day-dream and to want to wear sneakers sometimes. The only place you can actually escape reality is only your home, so make sure it’s as inspiring as it can be. So no nasty plain walls, no un-cozy chairs and big pieces of furniture you’ve gotten because it’s ‘practical’.