The beginning of warm and fuzzy

So, October’s on its way out, padding the way for a different kind of magic. The type that makes you just want to crawl in bed with a great book/movie/music album. Or all of those. November – the hot chocolate month – brings a whole new dare – cold air.

Even indoors. My take on everything? Fluffy leggins and a huge glass of banana shake usually do the trick, keeping you warm both on the inside and out.

Mix one banana with a bit of normal milk and throw in a good cup of vanilla soy milk. Yum!







Finally, autumn!

“Summer is too hot, winter is too cold, spring lasts for three days in May, but fall is just right. It’s a gorgeous chunk of three months. Fall basically turns us into a giant pussy. All of a sudden we’re living our lives like we’re in some bad rom-com with no shame whatsoever.”

I cannot emphasize enough how in love – yup, actually in love – I am with fall. It happens every years, starting about the middle of September until the beginning of November. October is my most perfect and magical month. And the wardrobe has to be in line with all this 😀

To Hat or Not To Hat



About three years ago I developed a passion for hats. And since all good things come in three’s, I bought not one, not two, but three hats. White, grey and black. Wore the white a bit, but this summer my passion was revived. So I’ve pretty much dusted off the hats and voila!

It’s like I get a new personality with those!




Braids, curls and the magic of having long locks

About two years ago, when I had a brief moment of insanity and allowed a hair stylist to cut my hair to shoulder length (ok, maybe not so much allowed as…well, long story and I’ve written about it here) all I wanted was to grow my hair long enough so I can have a) curls b)braids.

Since braids are the new ‘it hair style’ this season, I’m more into that one at the moment, but that didn’t stop me from buying a curling iron and extra-extra-extra hold hair spray. I can finally say that my hair is long enough to have my way with it.

Jenn Proske (my inspiration for April, although I haven’t seen her in any movie) and her long, beautiful hair.





















And curls. Lots of curls! Ahem, to be exact, loose curls. After years of trying to curl my hair with the flat iron (after watching hours of YouTube tutorials) and failing miserably, the curling iron is just what I need.



























Not really sure if I should spread the word, but I love and I know pretty much everyone does. I was thinking of keeping this as my little not so dark secret, but I honestly have never been one to keep my mouth shut over something.

So, when I discovered a shop with great Asos dresses in Bucharest, I had to share. It’s located around Cismigiu Park and the last time I’ve been there, the saleswoman, seeing how torn I was, not really knowing which dress to choose, said I should just move across the street from the store. Well, as if, but still. I’ve selected a few dresses I’ve seen in the store. Pics below. Enjoy and spread the word!

This I actually have, and I’m very proud of it too 🙂 It’s absolutely amazing, the lace is a very nice touch! Can’t wait to wear it.

All these came in UK sizes 8-14 (mostly 12 and 14). Me being and 8 or 10, I had to dig a bit to find the right stuff. However, I did get the blue skirt from earlier in size 12 and I’m gonna get it fixed up a bit and I tried on the pink dress below (the dark blue version) size 10 and it just didn’t zip up. Humph!














































































…and there are a few more models I couldn’t find on their website. So…just check it out 🙂


I always love it when I find amazing little pieces in the weirdest places. So yesterday, while out for some tax-related errands, I checked up a small shop nearby. Turns out, about half the dresses there are from Asos and the prices are more than amazing.

I got a blue, long, chiffon dress, the most amazing dress I ever set my eyes upon. It’s identical with the one in the pic. O also bought a sweet, polka dotted long skirt and a pinkish short dress. Yeah, I bought five new things in four days, so sue me 😀




“When in doubt, wear red” – Bill Blass

Lately, it seems my wardrobe is starting to be redish. A bit too redish, as I’ve gotten a total of three dresses, a pair of pants, a winter jacket and various blouses in red. I by no means regret my decision, as it seems that red is totally flattering me.

Unless you go with the epic fail of having more than one – or two – red pieces on, red’s pretty much flattering everyone. Imagine Just a week ago I bought my recent red piece (pic above, gotten from the H&M website)- a dress from H&M, from sales – two sizes bigger, but with a very great belty thing that allows me not to look like I’m wearing maternity clothes.

I just love it. And I love the feeling I get when wearing it. Now I’m off shopping for a long, casual dress. I’ve spotted some sales, yet again.

Artsy Chic

Yeah, I never want to grow up. Like…I want to have the college life indefinitely. I want it to be OK to have a mind filled with dreams, to day-dream and to want to wear sneakers sometimes. The only place you can actually escape reality is only your home, so make sure it’s as inspiring as it can be. So no nasty plain walls, no un-cozy chairs and big pieces of furniture you’ve gotten because it’s ‘practical’.



The red lipstick

Whether you’re a hot-blooded woman, or a calm, quiet creature, you’ll want the red lipstick from time to time.

There has actually been a movie made about the courage to wear red lipstick (yes, it was about a cancer survivor, but wearing red lipstick was a huge metaphor there) and in pop culture everywhere – and from anytime – there’s been a huge emphasis on the effects this little make-up tool has on self esteem and, well, men.

The thing is, I’d go out on a limb and say a pink shade isn’t for anyone, whereas every woman, no matter what race she is, can wear red on her lips. Now I’m just picturing a lovely Asian girl, or an African-American woman with a large smile and full, red lips. Definition of beautiful – that is.

There are some rules when it comes to going out in the world with this shade on. First, if you chose red on your lips, don’t do anything even remotely dramatic on your eyes. Foundation+powder+a touch of blush are just enough, even for a night out.  You don’t want to give the wrong message.

Second, if your skin is white pale and you don’t intentionally go for the vampire look, try a foundation that’s just one tone darker than your natural skin. If you’re into that whole Corpse Bride thing, that’s cool, but if you’re not and you’ll just settle for red lipstick and nothing else, that’s the look you’re gonna get.

So, go out, be bold and wear red.

First snowfall of the year calls for Uggs

It snowed today.

It started earlier this year; I usually remember snowing towards the middle of December. It’s something some magical and calming about snow and a cold winter’s day. Usually, the city is very noisy, especially at rush hour, but today it was as if the whole world was silently admiring the scenery. Of course it didn’t last, a few snowflakes here and there, but it was sweet to notice.

However, I hate snow in the city. It makes walking so hard (yeah, who’d walk in winter, you might ask. But for some, walking is a must), it gets my boots really wet and makes me generally very cold. And that’s partly my fault. I have a total of five pairs of boots, none of which happen to be winter proofed. Just because I’m girly like that and go with fashion instead of warmth (speaking of which, remember the white coat I was bragging about? Turns out, it keeps me warmer than my huge winter jacket. Who knew?) so I’m almost always freezing.

I don’t really like Uggs, but I think this winter I’m gonna go against my heart.