Revolution III

Part I

Part II


Joanna was browsing through the astronomy section, oblivious to the pair of blue eyes following her every move, only to look away whenever she was on the verge of discovering the owner. She chose two books, the ones that seemed more appealing to her, and took them to the cashier. Taking out her wallet to pay for the books, she didn’t even notice the man behind the counter, looking at her nervously, the same blue eyes that were following her before.

He scanned the books and removed the price tag.

“That would be…45,69 $”, he said, as he looked for a wrapping bag.

Joanna gave him the money, offering him just a silent smile, looking at him, but not really seeing him. He opened his mouth to say something a few time, but decided against it. He rubbed his palms together, looking down, as she started for the door.

“Thank you for…”, he found himself almost yelling after her, which made Joanna look back, startled. “For…buying…real books and not…getting a Kindle…yet…!”

Joanna watched him fudging with words, than let out a laugh.  “Thanks…I guess.”

She went out the door, the spring air invading her whole body. She reached for her sunglasses and took a few more steps, before stopping, trying to look directly into the sunlight. She felt dizzy for a second, as the light was making her oblivious to the world around her. Her mind started wandering to those lazy, summer days, days spent entirely by a pool. Would she ever get that again? How about winter? Will there ever be any snow again?

“Hi! Listen, I’m really sorry…”

“Oh, man!” she jumped back to reality, taking off her sunglasses and dropping her paper bag with the books.

He quickly got her books bag and apologized again. After the initial shock of being pulled out of her reverie so sudden, Joanna recognized the cause of her distress as the young man from the book shop.

“Here”, he handed her the books again. “I’m…I’m Sean…I just…I wasn’t following you…or…um…well, I was…”

Joanna resorted to just looking at him, eyebrows raised, trying to understand where he was going with all of this.

“I meant…Hi! I was just trying to apologize for earlier…I kept trying to figure out what to say to you for…for a while now and I thought…complimenting you about not owning an e-Reader…”

“I do have an e-Reader”, Joanna smiled, full knowing where he was going with all this.

Sean closed his eyes and shook his head, amused. “I see you at the bookstore…a lot. And then I see you having lunch at the small restaurant by the corner…”

“Yeah, I work around this place….”, she offered, smiling in encouragement.

“And I kept wanting to talk to you, but you’re always so intimidating…”

Joanna decided to take everything playfully. “Oh, really? Why? Because I work in a corporation?”

“You work in a corporation? No, because there seems to be so much going on in your mind, but you just try your best not to show anything.”

Her smile faded as she started feeling less and less sure of herself. Who did this guy think he is? Was he patronizing her?

“Anyway…I just…I’d like to have dinner with you…or lunch, if you prefer.”

“What changed your mind?”

“What?”, he shook his head, not really understanding her question.

“You say you keep seeing me here, but you never had the nerve to do anything about it until now. What’s changed?”

“Well, a friend of mine bet me that I’ll ask you out when hell will freeze over so I guess something like that did happen”.


The beginning of warm and fuzzy

So, October’s on its way out, padding the way for a different kind of magic. The type that makes you just want to crawl in bed with a great book/movie/music album. Or all of those. November – the hot chocolate month – brings a whole new dare – cold air.

Even indoors. My take on everything? Fluffy leggins and a huge glass of banana shake usually do the trick, keeping you warm both on the inside and out.

Mix one banana with a bit of normal milk and throw in a good cup of vanilla soy milk. Yum!






I want a lifetime of Octobers

Not a particular one, just any October, beggars can’t be choosers, right? I can deal with whatever you’re throwing at me, even if it’s a flood from too much rain. Well, I’m getting ahead of myself, I don’t really want to deal with the whole rain business unless I’m indoors.

I don’t love fall per se, but mainly for what it represents: illusions, stories, more chapters to a book that’s only written in my mind. Magic. I love the scenarios, the sitting at a cafe, trying to warm your hands with hot chocolate, making chit-chat with one of your oldest friends, escaping from the cool air.

The sipping of some tea you don’t really like but heard it was good, while in bed with a Victorian book, with shorts and big, fluffy socks that reach your knee.

The passionate walks, trying to hold your scarf in one peace and hoping against hope it won’t rain until something decisive, something that would change your entire dynamic, will happen.

The boots and scarves and leather jackets left unbuttoned. The huge, warm sweaters with turtlenecks. The smell of morning and the sight of fog. Getting up early on a Saturday morning to drink a huge latte while making plans in your head.

The leaves in the parks, the depth of most  conversations, the flight of all things random, the night that falls down quicker but not as quick as in December so you can still stay up late, without thinking it’s too late.

The little things that spark in everyday life, that remind you you’re alive. That make you feel.

I love fall. It wakes me up.

Finally, autumn!

“Summer is too hot, winter is too cold, spring lasts for three days in May, but fall is just right. It’s a gorgeous chunk of three months. Fall basically turns us into a giant pussy. All of a sudden we’re living our lives like we’re in some bad rom-com with no shame whatsoever.”

I cannot emphasize enough how in love – yup, actually in love – I am with fall. It happens every years, starting about the middle of September until the beginning of November. October is my most perfect and magical month. And the wardrobe has to be in line with all this 😀


Find me at a nice piano bar.

Saturday, on a chilly and somewhat foggy October evening. Order me a girlie cocktail, like a Martini, and watch me pretend I like the taste of it, even though I’m in just for what it represents. Watch me laugh with my girlfriends while we’re exchanging life lessons on high heels. Don’t pay attention to your friend who just wants to get drunk because his latest girlfriend broke up with him. Watch me from afar, judge from my looks that I’m just the Martini type of girl, order it and feel good about yourself as you see the look upon my face turn from bothered, to surprised, to playfulness. Stroke you ego as I take a sip, crossing my legs under the table. Leave, not looking back.

Find me at a gallery.

On a very dull Thursday, in September, right after work. Watch me while I feel out of place, in front of too many photographs, nicely framed, some ordinary moments captured in an extraordinary way. Follow me around, wonder just how long my hair is underneath the red scarf. Look sheepishly in my direction, pretending you’re interested in the pictures on the walls. Try to think about something clever to say, but only come up with lame- it seems to you – one liners. Offer me a glass of red wine – because it’s complementary. Watch me accept it with a smile, because of what it represents. Be too shy to make conversation. Be sort of relieved when your phone rings. Leave, not looking back.

Find me in a book store.

In May. Hear me ask about book you’ve read on subjects you find interesting. Chime in, trying to recommend me titles. Hear me answer every question with a ‘no’. Realize I’m not that smart. Dump on the counter the books you’ve been holding from me, say goodbye with just a nod. Leave, not looking back.

A touch of beginnings

April unlocked the door and let herself in, nearly tripping over some box.

She’s been in Boston for nearly two months, but she still hadn’t unpack except the things she needed – spring clothes, shoes, two plates and a few forks and knives. The only boxes she completely unpacked were the biggest six ones, filled with books. She didn’t buy any other furniture than what was already in the apartment, figuring she didn’t want to invest in a place that wasn’t her own.

She took a bag of cereals from the counter in the kitchen and just stood in the middle of it, leaning on the cupboard, taking a few flakes from the bag to ease her hunger. She eyed an unopened bottle of wine and her newest obsession, in the form of a green book by Alain de Botton. She seriously thought about staying in, getting a little tipsy and crawling on the couch, finishing her book, but she did want to go out. It was Friday night after all and after many complaints to Mark as to how she had no friends in Boston, he decided to introduce her at least to the people from work he knew better.

And this was also the night she had a date, with the somewhat cute real estate agent that had gotten her the apartment. And she figured – if the date was that bad, she could always escape by saying she had to be at this ‘work thing’.

She changed her dress, put on some lipstick and a touch of perfume and went out the door.


[All this is part of a large story; all characters and situations are the product of my imagination].


He entered the bedroom, stopping at the sight of April’s lower half coming out very nicely from beneath the pile of clothes.

“Argh!” , she let out, desperately, as she jumped on her feet, trying to drag out her coat from underneath.

“That’s a new look for you!”, he said, amused, startling her.

“Ugh!” April tried to fix her hair a bit and sat on the bed, still holding her coat.

He approached the bed and started looking for his and his date’s coats. After a few minutes of digging, in which he and April kept making fun of people’s choice of clothing, they had found what he was looking for. Still, neither of them made any move toward the exit. They sat in silence for a few moments, each playing with the coats in their lap.

“She’s very nice”, April finally talked. “Amanda, I mean.”

“Yeah, I got that you were talking about her”, he chuckled nervously. “I’m glad you…like her!”

“How did you two…meet?”

“She had…a crush on me…from TV!”

“Where do you come up with these stories?”

“No seriously. She has like…five brothers and they are all sports fans. She knows more about football than I…she kinda…keeps her TV only on ESPN. I did a couple of shows this summer, replacing this guy who was vacationing…she watched them and recognized me. She’s a waitress at this bar I went to with some friends from college…we started talking…I asked for her number…”

“Wow…so simple!”

“Yeah…turns out, I like simple, lately.”

“How long have the two of you…”

“Umm…almost a month now…I guess…Are you…are you seeing anyone?” he questioned, not really wanting to know the answer.

“No!” she chuckled. “I gave that up for a while…I think I should…just be on my own…at least for some time. That also means no dating…at all.”

He smiled and nodded.

“Hey. Any luck finding them?” Amanda interrupted their conversation as she entered the room, not being really sure about what was going on there.

“The coats! Yes.” He answered, as he held them up so that Amanda could see that hiss mission was successful. “I would offer you a ride, but…” he explained, after Amanda got dressed and was waiting for him by the front door.

“Don’t worry about it”, April interrupted him, holding up her hand and shaking her head no. “I’ll catch a cab…or something”.

“Ok. Good night.”

“Hey”, she called after him after a moment.

“Yeah?”, he answered as he half turned to face her.

“TV suits you. You should do more shows. You were very natural.”

He thanked her, surprised. “Since when do you watch sports?”

“I don’t. I watched you.”

He had no response to that. He nodded goodbye and left, leaving her in the half lit bedroom, all alone.


To Hat or Not To Hat



About three years ago I developed a passion for hats. And since all good things come in three’s, I bought not one, not two, but three hats. White, grey and black. Wore the white a bit, but this summer my passion was revived. So I’ve pretty much dusted off the hats and voila!

It’s like I get a new personality with those!




On love of books and books on love

I’ve just finished reading one of the best books out there. Actually, dare I say it, maybe the book I’ve learned the most from, up there with Theater of the Mind and Paradox of Love.

Alain de Botton’s “Consolations of Philosophy” offers real answers to everyday life questions and more, it gives you power (not consolation, as the title says) to understand your environment.  From Socrates’ somewhat tragic public life to Schopenhauer’s theory on love and relationship and Nietzsche’s metamorphosis.

In the end, after years and years of being a true addict and follower of Schopenhauer’s theories, Nietzsche’s perspective changed so much, urging him to say that the late philosopher was nothing but a ‘shy deer’.

As for the title, de Botton was inspired by “Consolation of Philosophy”, written by Boethius around year 524. This book was first to formulate the idea that ‘love makes the world go round’.

I have a girl crush, I have a girl crush

Or another one, at least. I’m so much into the rebel slash romantic slash crazy but somewhat vulnerable girl that I want and at least try to be, that I get instant crushes on women who seem that way. Brit Marling is an amazing talented writer slash actress and her style and type of stories is amazingly close to mine.

I instantly fell in love with Another Earth. So check it out, when you have the time. Great movie about possibilities and consequences.