Find me at a nice piano bar.

Saturday, on a chilly and somewhat foggy October evening. Order me a girlie cocktail, like a Martini, and watch me pretend I like the taste of it, even though I’m in just for what it represents. Watch me laugh with my girlfriends while we’re exchanging life lessons on high heels. Don’t pay attention to your friend who just wants to get drunk because his latest girlfriend broke up with him. Watch me from afar, judge from my looks that I’m just the Martini type of girl, order it and feel good about yourself as you see the look upon my face turn from bothered, to surprised, to playfulness. Stroke you ego as I take a sip, crossing my legs under the table. Leave, not looking back.

Find me at a gallery.

On a very dull Thursday, in September, right after work. Watch me while I feel out of place, in front of too many photographs, nicely framed, some ordinary moments captured in an extraordinary way. Follow me around, wonder just how long my hair is underneath the red scarf. Look sheepishly in my direction, pretending you’re interested in the pictures on the walls. Try to think about something clever to say, but only come up with lame- it seems to you – one liners. Offer me a glass of red wine – because it’s complementary. Watch me accept it with a smile, because of what it represents. Be too shy to make conversation. Be sort of relieved when your phone rings. Leave, not looking back.

Find me in a book store.

In May. Hear me ask about book you’ve read on subjects you find interesting. Chime in, trying to recommend me titles. Hear me answer every question with a ‘no’. Realize I’m not that smart. Dump on the counter the books you’ve been holding from me, say goodbye with just a nod. Leave, not looking back.


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