A touch of beginnings

April unlocked the door and let herself in, nearly tripping over some box.

She’s been in Boston for nearly two months, but she still hadn’t unpack except the things she needed – spring clothes, shoes, two plates and a few forks and knives. The only boxes she completely unpacked were the biggest six ones, filled with books. She didn’t buy any other furniture than what was already in the apartment, figuring she didn’t want to invest in a place that wasn’t her own.

She took a bag of cereals from the counter in the kitchen and just stood in the middle of it, leaning on the cupboard, taking a few flakes from the bag to ease her hunger. She eyed an unopened bottle of wine and her newest obsession, in the form of a green book by Alain de Botton. She seriously thought about staying in, getting a little tipsy and crawling on the couch, finishing her book, but she did want to go out. It was Friday night after all and after many complaints to Mark as to how she had no friends in Boston, he decided to introduce her at least to the people from work he knew better.

And this was also the night she had a date, with the somewhat cute real estate agent that had gotten her the apartment. And she figured – if the date was that bad, she could always escape by saying she had to be at this ‘work thing’.

She changed her dress, put on some lipstick and a touch of perfume and went out the door.


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