[All this is part of a large story; all characters and situations are the product of my imagination].


He entered the bedroom, stopping at the sight of April’s lower half coming out very nicely from beneath the pile of clothes.

“Argh!” , she let out, desperately, as she jumped on her feet, trying to drag out her coat from underneath.

“That’s a new look for you!”, he said, amused, startling her.

“Ugh!” April tried to fix her hair a bit and sat on the bed, still holding her coat.

He approached the bed and started looking for his and his date’s coats. After a few minutes of digging, in which he and April kept making fun of people’s choice of clothing, they had found what he was looking for. Still, neither of them made any move toward the exit. They sat in silence for a few moments, each playing with the coats in their lap.

“She’s very nice”, April finally talked. “Amanda, I mean.”

“Yeah, I got that you were talking about her”, he chuckled nervously. “I’m glad you…like her!”

“How did you two…meet?”

“She had…a crush on me…from TV!”

“Where do you come up with these stories?”

“No seriously. She has like…five brothers and they are all sports fans. She knows more about football than I…she kinda…keeps her TV only on ESPN. I did a couple of shows this summer, replacing this guy who was vacationing…she watched them and recognized me. She’s a waitress at this bar I went to with some friends from college…we started talking…I asked for her number…”

“Wow…so simple!”

“Yeah…turns out, I like simple, lately.”

“How long have the two of you…”

“Umm…almost a month now…I guess…Are you…are you seeing anyone?” he questioned, not really wanting to know the answer.

“No!” she chuckled. “I gave that up for a while…I think I should…just be on my own…at least for some time. That also means no dating…at all.”

He smiled and nodded.

“Hey. Any luck finding them?” Amanda interrupted their conversation as she entered the room, not being really sure about what was going on there.

“The coats! Yes.” He answered, as he held them up so that Amanda could see that hiss mission was successful. “I would offer you a ride, but…” he explained, after Amanda got dressed and was waiting for him by the front door.

“Don’t worry about it”, April interrupted him, holding up her hand and shaking her head no. “I’ll catch a cab…or something”.

“Ok. Good night.”

“Hey”, she called after him after a moment.

“Yeah?”, he answered as he half turned to face her.

“TV suits you. You should do more shows. You were very natural.”

He thanked her, surprised. “Since when do you watch sports?”

“I don’t. I watched you.”

He had no response to that. He nodded goodbye and left, leaving her in the half lit bedroom, all alone.



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