On love of books and books on love

I’ve just finished reading one of the best books out there. Actually, dare I say it, maybe the book I’ve learned the most from, up there with Theater of the Mind and Paradox of Love.

Alain de Botton’s “Consolations of Philosophy” offers real answers to everyday life questions and more, it gives you power (not consolation, as the title says) to understand your environment.  From Socrates’ somewhat tragic public life to Schopenhauer’s theory on love and relationship and Nietzsche’s metamorphosis.

In the end, after years and years of being a true addict and follower of Schopenhauer’s theories, Nietzsche’s perspective changed so much, urging him to say that the late philosopher was nothing but a ‘shy deer’.

As for the title, de Botton was inspired by “Consolation of Philosophy”, written by Boethius around year 524. This book was first to formulate the idea that ‘love makes the world go round’.


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