Braids, curls and the magic of having long locks

About two years ago, when I had a brief moment of insanity and allowed a hair stylist to cut my hair to shoulder length (ok, maybe not so much allowed as…well, long story and I’ve written about it here) all I wanted was to grow my hair long enough so I can have a) curls b)braids.

Since braids are the new ‘it hair style’ this season, I’m more into that one at the moment, but that didn’t stop me from buying a curling iron and extra-extra-extra hold hair spray. I can finally say that my hair is long enough to have my way with it.

Jenn Proske (my inspiration for April, although I haven’t seen her in any movie) and her long, beautiful hair.





















And curls. Lots of curls! Ahem, to be exact, loose curls. After years of trying to curl my hair with the flat iron (after watching hours of YouTube tutorials) and failing miserably, the curling iron is just what I need.



























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