Misguided April



“Do you have something for lunch with you or are we going across the street?”
“Yeah, I wanted to make something. But then I had to make launch for Barry, feed Alan, change the pants Alan threw mashed bananas on and then drive him to the babysitter’s”, Claire replied drily.
“A simple no would’ve done the trick”, said April, as both women were making their way to the diner around the corner.
“So how’s the job search going?”
“I really don’t want to talk about it. It’s been like…two years…three actually, and nothing. I don’t get it. I’m just…either really stupid or really unlucky”.
Claire looked at her frowning. “You’re not stupid and you have a job. And aren’t you a bit too old for this teenage drama? Just enjoy what you have now.”
“Maybe I should just go back to school, choose a different major. This whole English thing has really not done anything for me”, April went on.
“Yeah, do that! Maybe you can start an illicit affair with a 19 years old guy!”
“Yes, because 19 years old guys are dying to get to know a 8 years older woman, who only talks about how much she hates her job.”
“Have you tried getting into teaching?” Claire suggested, clearly supportive of her friend.
“Teaching would be as same as journalism for me. Not something I’d want to do long term. Man. I feel just like one of those high school kids who say their job as McDonald’s is only for the summer, then bam, twenty years later, they’re still cleaning up on aisle 5.”
“I have no idea what you meant by that”, Claire chuckled.
“When I took this job, I said to myself that it’s only going to be temporary, I don’t want to be a journalist, I’m only staying until I find something else. I just want to work at a publishing house…working with writers, editing and making notes on stories no one has read before.”
“Well, if you want to work with books, I’m sure you can always find a job at a nice library”, Claire laughed.
“And be forever known as Miss Reid, the weird old lady with the books? No thanks.”
“Oh come on. You’ll probably be weird Mrs. Something”, the petit blonde mocked.
“Really? Because the way things seem to be working, the Miss thing is the only certainty about my future.”
“What’s up with you today? Why are you so negative about everything?”
“I’m not”, April sighted. “It’s just a possibility I have to consider. I hardly ever meet anyone…”
…”you meet a lot of people, you just find faults in everyone!”
…”I haven’t had a serious relationship in like…five years”, April went on, without caring about her friend’s intervention.
“Oh, really? So what was up with Adrian and Sam and…the guy from the…”
“I said ‘serious’, Claire, not a four week fling.”
April, and her moody ways, either considered herself incredibly beautiful, either downright should-never-leave-the-house-ugly. She had a very warm beauty, with dark hazel eyes and brown, long hair. She wasn’t stunning, nor plain. Simply attractive and very feminine.
“You’ve been dating Gary for…what? Two months now?”
“About…five weeks, but he doesn’t seem very impressed. I’m just waiting on him to leave me, like the ones before”.
“Keep thinking like that, that’s a winner. You know, the father figure is very important to a girl growing up. It’s how she’ll relate to men her whole life”.
“Oh, no, don’t put on the psychologist mask”. April rolled her eyes.
Claire chuckled. “Even if I wanted to understand you, I don’t think I would. You’ve got these bouts of happiness, then the whole thing goes to hell and you’re digging your own pit hole”.
“Yeah, there are meds for that, right?”
“You’re borderline bipolar, you know that?”
“Are we actually making fun of mental disorders? We’ve already established that I’m emotionally unbalanced and insane, but are you allowed to laugh at these things?”
“I’m a psychologist, not a psychiatrist. I deal with people like you and let the loony cases for doctors. And you know – I sometimes envy you. You are like I was five years ago.”
“A moron?” April offered.
“That too. But I was more hinting towards the ‘you can do anything, anytime’ part. You should enjoy this.”
“I keep hearing that, but I think I’m at a point where I want something else. And you can do anything, anytime, too. If you really wanted to.”
“I wanted to go out with you guys last night, but I couldn’t find a babysitter and Barry was working late.”
“Point taken. You didn’t miss much.”
“What? You mean drinks after work with my co-workers aren’t legendary? Right now, I’d just settle on some juicy news department gossip.”
“I’m guessing human resources aren’t as much fun as us, right?” April asked ironically.
“Fine, don’t tell me anything.”
“I’ve got nothing to tell you, we just went out a bit, a lame attempt to unwind. I was late and couldn’t stay long. Nobody said anything worth mentioning. Plus, I was busy staring at a cute guy”.
“Oh no.”
“I only took a few looks”, April said sheepishly. “There’s nothing wrong with that. What?”
“I just know you so well and I know how far you imagination has already gone.”
“He was really, really, REALLY good looking. Like…blue eyes, gorgeous smile good-looking.”
“Fine. I’ll take the bait. Did you talk to him?”
“No, staring worked much better for me. I could just…take him home and put him in a glass box so I could just…look at him. Naked.” April grinned, blushing a bit.
“You do realize you’re the shallowest person I’ve ever met, right? You know, that’s why all your relationships fail, you choose men based on their looks.”
“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to wake up to a great face in the morning.”



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