Things you can tell just by looking at her

Not the movie, although highly recommended.

What makes a woman truly a woman? Simone de Beauvoir, Jean Paul Sartre’s longtime lover, claimed that one isn’t born a woman, one becomes one. So in these misty, hallucinating days, what makes a woman so feminine? For decades, we’ve been able to wear pants, cut our hair short, have more than one sexual partner and the society would be able to be perfectly OK with all and more. We go to work while our husbands raise the kids, we hold jobs normally designed for men. We smoke and drink bourbon.

What we can do is give them power, making them feel like the protector, the enabler, the one. Wear a dress and show our soft side, the side that needs to look up to someone, to feel proud of someone, to tell other all about their accomplishments. All wearing just the perfect dress.




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