Christmas Tree Art

Since we’re at it, if you like pretty thing and like all things to be pretty, then you’re definitely going to make sure your Christmas tree reflects just how you look and feel.

Whether you like the natural smell of a good old fashion tree or if you’re going green and going to choose a plastic one, the Christmas tree is the star of December 24th. Well, that and presents.

There are many ways to decorate it, you can practically go from all white/red/blue to a colorful tree, in which you’ve put all the ornaments you’ve gathered through the years. I dislike throwing away ornaments because they remind me of a Christmas past, a time where things were so simple and beautiful and my heart fills with melancholy.

I’ve had broken ornaments, some that couldn’t even be maneuvered well, because of how fragile they were, but those were the ones that had my deepest love. I really do long for the times in which I was searching frantically through the house, everywhere, just to find my presents, and feel the happiness of the discovery, even if it was a simple pair of slippers and candy. I knew there were more. Now, my Christmas gift is purchased online, or from a shopping mall and I get to say what I want and usually receive money so that I can buy said gift myself.

Anyway, teach your children to appreciate the NOW, because who knows how their Christmas would be like.





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