Two more weeks to Christmas

And it wouldn’t be Christmas without a green tree, snow, lots of presents, carols and…Christmas movies. I sort of have this ritual where every year I try to watch a particular Christmas movie, just because I can (last year things got too busy and my tradition skipped a year). So, without mentioning the Christmas cult classic – “Home Alone”, or the evergreen adaptation of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, here are my favourite Christmas movies everyone has to see.

They’re all feel good, so it’s ok 🙂

5. Surviving Christmas is a very cutesy tale of the rich guy who wants to rent a family for the holidays, but finds himself falling for his fake-sister. Great part from James Gandolfini, he’s very funny.

4. Noel.  You know how Hollywood tries to remake European flicks? Well, I might say that this one goes in that category, but, unlike “Valentine’s Day” or the more recent “New Year’s Eve”, this one actually has a plot and the stories are pretty good.

3. Alles is Liefde (aka Love is All). The Dutch version of “Love Actually”. Not very much to say here, truth is if you liked the British movie, you’ll also like this.

2. The Family Man. definitely one of my favourite movies of all time. The plot revolves the idea of ‘what if I would’ve chosen differently?’ which is one of the questions I think everyone has asked himself at one point or another in his life.

1. Love Actually. Surprise, surprise.  I’m trying very hard to choose my favourite stories. I guess it’s the unrequited love one and Colin Firth’s, because they’re both so full of passion. However, bring a Kleenex. The movie itself is pretty impressive and you just find yourself cheering for ‘Billy Mack’ to get naked, even though he’s way past his prime.


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