First snowfall of the year calls for Uggs

It snowed today.

It started earlier this year; I usually remember snowing towards the middle of December. It’s something some magical and calming about snow and a cold winter’s day. Usually, the city is very noisy, especially at rush hour, but today it was as if the whole world was silently admiring the scenery. Of course it didn’t last, a few snowflakes here and there, but it was sweet to notice.

However, I hate snow in the city. It makes walking so hard (yeah, who’d walk in winter, you might ask. But for some, walking is a must), it gets my boots really wet and makes me generally very cold. And that’s partly my fault. I have a total of five pairs of boots, none of which happen to be winter proofed. Just because I’m girly like that and go with fashion instead of warmth (speaking of which, remember the white coat I was bragging about? Turns out, it keeps me warmer than my huge winter jacket. Who knew?) so I’m almost always freezing.

I don’t really like Uggs, but I think this winter I’m gonna go against my heart.


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