The white coat reloaded

I’m not payed to advertise for a brand, but I’m just gonna go ahead and say it this time. I love New Yorker. Sure, there are so many other stores with better quality and greater lines, but yesterday New Yorker just made me happy.

It had made me happy before, when I’d found the perfect leather skirt and there were so many amazing dresses there. I’m quite the new New Yorker client, my oldest piece goes just a year back so I have no idea about durability, but so far it has proven at least OK.

So yesterday I’ve found the perfect white coat. I’ve been longing for one for a few years, but always went with something else (I have a greay coat, two black ones and one red).

It was also affordable and given that lately I’ve stayed away from shopping malls, my finances were good.

So, without much ado, I give you – my white coat.


And since we’re at it, here’s the skirt I mentioned earlier. Nope, not me in the pic. Identical skirt though.


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