Go brown!

I’ve said a lot of things about how clothes are important and why. But your look would never be complete if not for the make up art.

I always go with the natural look, sort of like enriched beauty. I really think that when it comes to make up, less really is more and a dramatic look or having numerous colours on my face just isn’t my think. I can’t even remember the last time I applied eye shadow. So I go with foundation – there are very few women with the perfect skin that can get away without any foundation – mascara, lip balm or lipstick, depending on where I’m going, and a bit of blush. It takes about two minutes, so it doesn’t make me late for work. Other things are related to my tardiness, but that’s another story.

After reading a lot on the subject, I’ve tried brown mascara. For me, it was always black mascara and eye liner. Well, when I did use eyeliner. But I came to know why brown is better. It gives you the perfect natural look. And I’m a brunette! Well, I do have very fair skin, so that helps.

So, if you’ve never tried it, go with brown at least once. You’ll never turn b(l)ack.



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