October is my favourite month of the year. I won’t say again why (but come on, leather jackets, leggings, boots and hot chocolate?!). However, I am trying really hard to ignore the rain factor. And that like it or not, I have to get out even if it’s raining. And I hate umbrellas and dirty boots and wet clothes and my hair getting all…not so pretty. See, if you’re somewhat addicted to the flat-iron, humidity will alter you locks. Grr.

Another thing I hate about the cold season is the layered look. Because it’s hot inside, I can’t wear really thick sweaters; and because it’s cold outside, I can’t just put a jacket on, with just a blouse underneath. So, I go with layers. And scarves. Long, cotton scarves.

This goes best of you like sweaters with buttons, so that you won’t have to pull that over your head, messing the hair again. Hm…I seem to be having a little hair obsession.


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