Hipster mania

I decided to make another post about this phenomenon after a recent surge of my interest in “vintage”, unique clothing.

I’m going to leave aside all that mainstream versus indie thing, because I’m so much into the second category and because I recently attended a conference on social media and I made a promise to myself to embrace all changes in online and more.

Judging strictly by their clothes, I think it’s safe to say hipsters have it all: style and money, since they don’t spend their life savings on a dress and don’t go into serious debt problems like a certain fashionista from a certain mainstream flick.

I haven’t really met a real hipster (although I’ve been accused of being one a while back, which I deny, because I don’t really want to fit a label) but I’ve read about them – mostly here – and if – IF – they don’t choose a style just to be different and out of snobbism, they’re ok in my book.

So, there you have it. The hipster look.



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