The cross dresser

Seeing women wearing adapted men’s clothes is not a new trend. Last season I’ve witnessed an avalanche of women shoes that wear inspired from the daily footwear of male yuppies.

So it’s not that out of the ordinary to see a woman wearing what looks like a man’s business suit or ties.

While ties make men look classy, very business like and ready to trade stocks, a tie has the same effect on a women. Plus sexiness. Think about it. Wearing a tie would give you that serious look with a school girl scent. And I think everybody knows the effect of a school girl outfit on a guy.

Aside from the fantasy factor, wearing a tie means you’ve got that strong, no BS personality, but you’re still open for some fun.

So, you can go with something conservatory…like this…


…or you can add a little salt and pepper…like this…


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