The purpose of life. Or blogging

Not the Monty Python movie.

I spend at least 80% of my time thinking about this. In various formats. Sometimes it’s about a job – like actual work – a perfect job that makes me feel fulfilled, sometimes it’s about various aspects of my personal life and sometimes it’s just about seeing the whole, big picture.

Thing is, I hate wasting time. We are given such short time on this planet so we are supposed to make the best of it. One of my biggest secrets I’m willing to admit is that I’d love to be everyone for say a week. Just to be able to experience so much right through your own eyes. Think about it. Now, you’re a bored soccer mom living in Connecticut , next you’re some college student from Bruxelles and then you’re just a kid in Tokyo. You wouldn’t experiment everything as you – blinded by your own set of values, education and upbringing – you’d be more open to the unknown. Yeah, I know, how would you be able to keep your own consciousness and how would you know the changes you’d go through is the question that makes my little fantasy come to pieces (a Quantum Leap situation would work here, though), but philosophical matters aside, think of all the knowledge you’d gain.

Paradoxically, I am the Queen of Wasting Time.  I think I’ve come so far that now I have a PhD in this field. What I’m trying to say is that through this blog I’m hoping to make some else’s day better only for the few moments they look at the pretty pictures. I’m hoping to bring a smile or even a frown if one sees something one doesn’t like. Just to have a (very small) impact, while I figure out my own purpose.

…I came to write this after reading the script of the last episode – that never aired – of a 99 TV show called Cupid, which I loved a long, long time ago. Here’s the deal – Trevor thinks he’s Cupid and has to bring together 100 couples so that he’s allowed back to Mount Olympus. Claire is the doctor that wants him to break the illusion. In this portion of the script, she’s asked him to live like a normal person for a week, no more matchmaking. Here’s his conclusion:


I worked forty hours, I Stair-Mastered, I watched the
Thursday night line-up, I went to the supermarket, forgot the yogurt, went back
— I listened to Hootie…

How do you people live like that?


You mean living a normal life.


I mean living without meaning!   Living bland, canned, non-essential lives!
Life without a purpose — it’s like… a car without gas, a balloon without
helium, a bra without balloons, cable without nudity, a point without one last


So, you find it hard to exist without a divine mandate?


How can anyone be expected to get up in the morning without a
raison d’être?   A higher calling!   A personal quest —

Disclaimer: I am not affiliate to the show or its producers. I got the excerpt a long time ago, for free, from a free website (, not sure it still works now, though).

Credit for the pic – (great artist, check him out 🙂 )

How about a random act of kindness as a daily quest?



  1. The skyline was beautiful on fire
    All twisted metal stretching upwards
    Everything washed in a thin orange haze

    I said: “kiss me, you’re beautiful –
    These are truly the last days”

    You grabbed my hand and we fell into it
    Like a daydream or a fever

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