Shine like a bright colour

No one wants to look like a Christmas tree when going out. Or like a goth chick (unless…you know, you are a goth chick). So the easy way out is to get only clothes in pale colours. Or different shades of white 🙂 You really cannot fail with a white top and light (insert any colour here) pants.

Buy what happens when you want to be bold and try on a delicious combination of rouge et noir? Or yellow and mauve? Afraid of the looks? Fashion was made to make us more sure of ourselves, not to transform us into introverts. So if you’re not sure, you can always choose non-colours that are very appropriate and don’t make you stand out. But that’s boring. It really is and it also is a big sign of a lack of imagination.

So take a look at some pretty powerful outfits. Because you have a strong personality and you want everyone to see that!


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