The rise and fall of fashion

With fashion, it’s always a love-hate relationship. You love something, you get it, soon it goes out of style and you hate it.

I live in a city that has more shopping malls than it can handle. We have all sorts of foreign investors that put their money into huge spaces filled with clothing stores, instead of investing in infrastructure, agriculture or tourism. Or anything else, for that matter. We used to be a rich country, we had everything – cities by the sea, incredible mountains, fields with grains and anything else that makes the economy work. Then we became snobs.

And now everyone wants to wear Armani. Because it’s a luxury brand, because it’s incredible expensive and because they think they’ll gain value. That’s why shopping is a sport here.

We hear about celebs such as this and we think they have the answer. But since most of them know nothing about how and what to wear, they hire a personal advisor. Take this one, for example. She got tired of looking bad so she took on someone who tells her what clothes to wear. Kudos to her for admitting she has no fashion sense. So just be yourself.

But the truth is, fashion wasn’t designed to be very pricey (although it is) so that for that money you gain a social status. Fashion was designed for people, to feel better about themselves and most of all, to express themselves. That’s why big, international brands have a certain line, a certain look they like to create.

Don’t buy clothes just because they’re on sale or just because it’s that particular brand everyone adores. It doesn’t do anyone good, especially your overstuffed closet. Express yourself, tell people who you are through the clothes you wear. Don’t be afraid to experiment, don’t be afraid to put on something that no one else wears and that would make people give you loooong looks. You’re figure it out, sooner or later. Just try.

If you feel good about the way you’re dresses, you will feel good about yourself and your ego will have a great boost. Which all means your attitude will be better, you’ll be a better person and do a lot of good for others. See how fashion can contribute to world peace?

TIBI Fall 2011


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