The Blazer. Because you don’t have to be Lady Gaga to impress

I chose to write this post because a simple blazer has helped me get through a lot of boring outfits. A pair of short pants, a tee and a blazer. A boring top, tight jeans and a blazer. Some everyday dress and a blazer. You catch my drift.

Because there is something so preppy in a blazer, that it instantly gives you “that certain look”.  A great blazer can turn a negligent outfit into a posh one and it can make you look like you’ve spent ages in the mirror, deciding what to wear.

Because blazers are just “there” and don’t need any other publicity, because they can make a fashion faux-pas into a a run on the caltwalk. Wear a blazer when you’re not sure; wear a blazer and eveyone will think you know fashion even if you don’t.

Wear a blazer.


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