Guide to enhance your creativity 101. Lesson 1: READ

During these past few years I’ve made a point in only reading high quality books. 1. Because I have this need to know things. 2. Because I’m snobbish like that. I did love it and I keep loving it. That was something about Kafka that made me want so much to understand what was going on in his head that made him come up with such intriguing narrative flows like The Castel.

But deep down inside I know I’m a chick flick (with a catch) kinda girl. I’ve denied my “awww” moments for too long and alternating is amazing. So I’ve bought something new, something modern that isn’t really blue: Marc Levy’s Et si c’était vrai…Well, not in French, but still.

Having seen “Just Like Heaven”, the hollywood-esqe adaptation, I knew I wanted to read this. Because I have a thing for watching the movie and reading the book, in random order. Did that with a whole series of books, like Wuthering Heights (the Ralph Finnes – Juliette Binoche version), The Name of the Rose and so on.

Marc Levy’s book…well…it was cute. It was just the novel to read going to and coming from places, in the subway. It’s short, it’s easy and it’s cute. Having seen the movie before, I had Reese Witherspoon’s smile in mind and Mark Ruffalo’s brooding ways.

It looks like this time big Hollywood studios cut all the unnecessary details in Levy’s book, including the really creepy ones (like the implication of Arthur having to take care of Lauren’s bodily functions) or some major plots, like the cop one. Also, I much prefer David’s (main character’s name in the motion picture) dead wife than Arthur’s dead mother, in the book. No boys with mommy tragedies, please. Also, it appears the screenwriters decided Lauren/Elizabeth ‘s ghost (or something close) has different abilities. That was also fine by me, because having sex with a ghost is…no! Really, no!

All in all, great read. And cute. The type of book you’d take on a vacation, on some beachy places, to read while working on your tan, if you’re looking for a nice, romantic, not so angsty book, with good writing.

Forgot to mention a little something. A few days ago I’ve read on a blog a few lines that stuck with me, only to discover Marc Levy used that same metaphor in his book.

“Imagine you had a special bank account opened just for you, and in the morning when you wake up, you will have $86,400 deposited into that bank.  You have 24 hours to spend it before it’s all deleted. The next day will be the same process, and this will happen to you for the rest of your life!. The dollars represent the 86,400 seconds in each day”.

So yeah, this book taught me something too.


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