Fabulous is just a state of mind. Or shoe

I’m so easy to please sometimes that even I am left flabbergasted at times. All it takes is the perfect pair of high heel shoes (I’m still getting around to understanding platforms), a very fashionable cocktail with just the girly touch of alcohol and great talks.

Bars are somewhat magical for me. It starts with my fascination with the night, because then (mostly) everyone is free to be himself and can choose what to do with his time. Also, I love going out, experiencing new and exciting things and always wonder if at the end of night out I’ll be learning something new.

Great, stylish bars have that effect. The dim, warm lights, the soft music and the people. You can always look around and wonder what certain people are doing there. The couple on the first few dates, the buddies, the girlfriends, some long time friends reuniting.

Great, stylish bars always go hand in hand with a killer pair of shoes. It’s the shoes that make or break a date. A woman wearing jeans and a T-shirt, but wearing matching stilettos and ordering a Martini or a Margarita is in a completely different league than one who matched the same outfit with running shoes and orders beer. So I don’t think beer is for women, shoot me (well, except the flavoured ones men hate so much).

(My latest obsession.  My camera took some time off and until it gets back the phone will do for pics.)

Heels have a certain fabulous…ness touch on a rather dull outfit.Now, now Vicky! Don’t be shy! You know we love your shoes!


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