Why we LOVE long hair

 I’m one of those girls who never take chances when it comes to their hair. Someone else has to decide for me and even then it takes almost forever for me to embrace the change. So blame it on my star sign…

Long story short, after juggling with the idea to dye my hair blonde in highschool (mind you, all four years) I’ve finally done it after first year of college. Five years went by like that and last summer/fall I was thinking about going back. I didn’t do it until a hairstylist had a different idea of  what ‘blonde’ is…and ‘long’, for that matter. So, my very long, thik blonde hair became something brownish and didn’t even touch the shoulders. The next day I called in sick at work and spent my day crying over days of blondness.

Almost a year after that, now, I keep asking myself ‘what in the world was I thinking’ when I first decided to go blonde. Well, not really, but I want my natural hair back and that will take a while. And a few sacrifices need to be done. I know I won’t have it long for a while, because I keep dying it light brown, my natural colour, and the blonde keeps coming out at the ends so it has to be cut off. Now it’s at shoulder lenghts, which for me is like I’ve lost my identity.

Long hair is the symbol of feminity, of all things romantic and more. We love it because it can turn a wild woman into a member of the Royalty and viceversa. Because depending on the way you’re wearing it, it gives you a certain feeling.

It’s exactly why I love clothes. Not for their prettyness per se, but because of the way the make me feel. I can be naughty  and flirty with a black leather skirt, white top and high heels or I can be artsy and dreamy in a flowery dress, with sandals.

Long hair gives you the freedom to decide who you are in a particular moment. You’re not stuck, you can be a chameleon. Long hair gives all aspects of your personality a chance to come out and play.

And who doesn’t love a Charlotte type pony tail?


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