Be weird. And embrace the weirdness

In my quest to find all things strange and creative on the web I’ve stumbled upon a little gem like the below. Well, not really “stumbled upon”, more like it was shared on my Facebook wall.

But all in all, it’s right what I was thinking about lately, getting in touch with my inner weirdness, aka letting the creative monster out (Eliade shout out). Given all that, I’ve started (re-started or more like it re re re re started) – although retook would be a much happy phrasing – some former passions. Designing and photographing.

That list is, for me, everything I do or not do. It’s like a inner voice that suddently caught a way out and now is shouting in my face. I do everything on that list. EVERYTHING. Execept one minor, tinsy point: the 12th.  I’m still waiting for a finish line, with any of the projects I’m currently running, and it’s always something that keeps coming between me and my goal: I don’t have (yet) the perfect (better) camera, I don’t have a certain fabric, I can’t find a book I MUST read before everything and the ongoing I never have time.

But now I’ve embraced the weirdness. I am otherwordly. 😀

Also, check the video below. It was a life saver for yours truly.



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